Discussion Points. March 17th-20th

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Club LTL Discussion Points 17th . 21st March


The boss of Bayern Munich Football Club, the biggest football team in Germany, has recently admitted to massive tax fraud charges in yet another corruption scandal in top tier European football. Closer to home, Barcelona recently coughed up nearly 20 million Euros over allegations of undeclared kick-backs to the father of Brazilian superstar Neymar. What are your opinions on this? Does it surprise you? Should there be harsher punishments such as bans from international competitions?
-tax fraud
-top tier
-to cough up


A recent study of consumer habits in Spain has revealed that nearly a third of Spanish people now consume foodstuffs that are 'out of date' or 'dangerously out of date,' with the crisis being the main reason given. On average, Spanish families have 12% less spending power and the organisation that conducted this study says that now the food budget at home is starting to be affected. Do you consume products that are out of date or past their ‘best'? How safe do you think it is?
-out of date


The US state of Colorado legalised marijuana for recreational use in January and has so far collected $2 million in taxes from the sale of this substance for recreational use, and another $1.5 million from the sale of medical marijuana. Other US states are closely watching the figures and how Colorado invests the money to see if there are social and/or economic benefits from the legalisation and decriminalisation of the drug. Can you see marijuana being legalised anywhere else any time soon?
-recreational use
-watching the figures


Parisian authorities made public transport free for 3 days a last week in an to try and reduce the levels of pollution and improve air quality in the city. The smog had gotten so bad that monuments such as the Eiffel Tower were barely visible and a health warning was issued to asthmatics, children, the elderly and those with heart conditions advising them to stay indoors. Do you think these kind of measures work? Would it be a viable solution in other European cities?
-air quality

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