Discussion Points. March 10th-14th

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Club LTL Discussion Points 10th - 14th March 2014


An international team of scientists have gathered at the University of Oxford to discuss the biggest dangers facing humanity this coming century. They argue that the biggest dangers we face are not from natural disasters such as super-volcanos, meteror strikes and disease, but from human advances in technology and their intended and unintended misuse. The scientists say that there have been very few studies into the effects of manipulating human biology and the “intelligence” of a computer-driven economies. Do you think that this is something to worry about? What do you think is the most likely event that will bring about the destruction of humanity?
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The BBC has announced that it is going to transform its comedy channel, BBC Three, into an 'online channel' where viewers can watch programming on demand. The 'online' channel will have its budget slashed by a two-thirds, but the director general of the BBC, Tony Hall, says that this is the future of television and that given the BBC's reduced budget, sacrifices have to be made. Do you think that the future of television is online? If you had to sacrifice a Spanish television channel, which one would it be?
-to watch on demand
-to slash


A recent report has stated that nearly 60% of 14-17 year-olds have consume alcohol in a botellón at least once a month. The government has said that this statistic is concerning and that more will be done to punish both the parents and youngsters who drink in public. How would you tackle this problem? Is it an educational issue or a criminal one?


The American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been under pressure to investigate and potentially regulate further certain types of energy drinks because of their high caffeine content. In 2012, thirteen people died because of excessive caffeine consumption directly linked to energy drinks such as Monster and Red Bull. The UK has passed a law stating that energy drinks will have to carry warning labels but lobbists for the energy drink industry say that it is an unnecessary and expensive measure. Would you regulate the energy drink industry?

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