Discussion points. March 3rd-7th

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Club LTL Discussion Points 3rd - 7th March 2014


Last week ETA announced that they would lay down their weapons and cease their armed struggle for independence. Some have criticised a video by the terrorist organisation which shows them with international observers symbolically putting their weapons away. ETA has a history of calling ceasefires and breaking them later on but never have they said they would decommission their weapons. Is this really the end of ETA? Do you think this will last?
-to lay down a weapon
-to cease
-a ceasefire


The CSIC (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas) has painted a grim picture of its future after announcing that its funding and number of researchers has been reduced to the same as it was in 2007. The institution has said that Spanish scientific research will be held back because it is unable to provide scholarships and will be hiring no new staff or taking on interns for at least the next two years. Will this force young researchers and scientists to go abroad? What does this mean for research in Spain? How would you translate Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas into English?
-to paint a grim picture


A judge in South Africa has ruled that the trial of the athlete Oscar Pistorius can be televised live with exceptions of the testimony of the accused and his witnesses. A specific TV channel has been set up, the Oscar Pistorius Trail channel, to broadcast the trial which is due to begin on Sunday. Pistorius' lawyers have said that the broadcasting of the trial would prejudice proceedings while the judge presiding over the case has said that it will go a long way to address misconceptions about the South African justice system. Do you think its fair that celebrity trails be broadcast? Do you think this kind of high-profile case is similar to that of the Infanta Cristina in Spain? Is it in the public's interest to see the courts in action?
-to set up
-to preside over


Russian troops have effectively “taken de-facto control” of the Crimea region in the south of the Ukraine. The west has called for an immediate withdrawal of Russian troops while President Putin has said that he has the right to defend Russian speakers in the region. Would you consider this an invasion? Are Russia's motivations legitimate?
-to withdraw

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