Discussion Points. Jan 20th-22nd.

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Club LTL Discussion Points 20th - 24th January 2014


Recently, a football player in the English Football Conference North (the equivalent of 6th division) has become the only openly gay football player. He says that for him it hasn't been much of a problem but admits that for players in higher leagues the issue of the media, agents, opposition fans and sponsors are all potential obstacles for eliminating the stigma of homosexuality in football. A football gay rights group says that it is probably 2 or 3 years before a top-flight player comes out of the closet. Why do you think there is such an issue with being gay in sport?


A blog post by Emily, one of our teachers at Club LTL, recently highlighted the idea of emotional charge behind language and how the weight of a word is stronger in your mother tongue. Even though someone may be bilingual, insults, complements and orders seem to feel better in your mother tongue because of the emotional attachment created by different life experiences. Do you agree with this? Do insults hurt more in English or Spanish? Does flattering feel better in your native tongue?
-blog post


Last week in the Australian Open, some tennis players heavily criticized the organizers because they forced the tennis players to play in extreme temperatures of up to 42°C, causing some players, such as Canadian Frank Dacevic, to faint on the court. Other tennis players such as top-seed Roger Federer was less sympathetic to his fellow players concerns, saying that players should train to prepared to play in any temperature. Whose sides do take in this debate?
-to faint


A company in China has recently let journalists into their farms to show off their newly developed mass-cloning techniques. The technology used to clone the animals (mostly pigs) has been around for a while now, but the company is the first to clone animals en masse for scientific use and is the leading company in gene sequencing. The company says that despite animal welfare groups concerns over their research, the results are worth it and could potentially save millions of lives. Do you have any concerns over this? Would you eat genetically modified or cloned food?
-en masse

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