Club LTL Discussion Points 7th -10th January 2014

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Club LTL Discussion Points 7th -10th January 2014


A year ago, the local government in Amsterdam introduced a policy in which it pays homeless alcoholics with beer in exchange for cleaning up the streets. The government claims it has been a massive success, saying that it’s an efficient way of getting homeless people active and making them feel useful, and it’s a cost effective way of cleaning up public spaces. The scheme has also directly contributed to a decrease in crimes such as muggings and stabbings. Do you think this could work in Spanish cities?


A recent BBC article debates whether or not giving up bad habits for just one month to recover from the excesses of the Christmas season is enough to make a real impact on one's health. Some of the conclusions are startling. According to experiments, it takes up to five weeks for the liver to recover from heavy drinking. Also, even though the addictive elements of smoking go away after a month, it can still take up to 66 days to completely kick the habit. Have you decided to give anything up this year?
-to kick a habit
-to give up


The Spanish government has recently made significant amendments to the abortion law in Spain, drawing criticism from many people inside and outside of the country and making it one of the most restrictive in Europe. What are your thoughts on this new law?
-to draw criticism


These past few months have seen extreme weather around the world with blazing heat in Australia, massive flooding in the UK and most recently, Arctic weather in North America. Many are saying that this is further evidence that global warming is becoming a very serious issue that we need to start tackling before it’s too late. Do you think it’s too late? Has the damage already been done? What do you think this year's weather will be like?

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