Discussion points. Dec 16th-18th

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Club LTL Discussion Points 16th-20th December 2013


Last week, a 5-year-old girl was put into care after the authorities in Newport (Wales) deemed her parents unfit to continue looking after her because the child in question was 66kg. Given what many in the press are considering an “obesity epidemic”, do you think the decision to remove the girl from her parent's care a fair one?
-to be put into care
-unfit to care for someone


Pope Francis was recently named Time magazine's person of the year. The magazine said that he had pulled "the papacy out of the palace and into the streets" and that it was so rare that someone could charm millions so quickly and of all ages. What do you think of this decision?
-to charm


Uruguay has finally ratified a law fully legalising cannabis in the country, which now means that apart from posessing the drug, growing and selling the drug is now legal and the state is in charge of its regulation. Even though the president of the country is against the consumption of drugs, he argues that be legalising it and completely putting it under state control, his country can avoid the drug related violence that has marred other South American countries and take away the power many cartels have in the region. Will this pioneering move work?
-to ratify a law


Eurovegas will not be coming to Madrid, this is the final decision made by casino tycoon, Sheldon Anderson. The reasons behind it were because the regional government was unwilling to make key concessions such as a reversal of the smoking law, a banning of online gaming and the ability to hire and fire employees without going though the proper legal processes. Many have celebrated this decision as the entire project was negotiated behind closed doors and some aspects were shady at best, but some are dissapointed that the prospects of employment in this sector have now vanished.
How you do feel about this?

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