Discussion points. Dec 09th-11th

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Discussion Points 9-13 December. CLUB LTL


A recent global survey regarding corruption has put Spain down six points compared to last year, the biggest drop in the survey. The Bárcenas case and the king's son-in-law’s involvement in the embezzlement of public funds have both contributed to Spain’s fall in the rankings. New Zealand and Denmark top the list because of their high levels of press freedom, open budget processes and accountability mechanisms, while Afghanistan, North Korea and Somalia are at the bottom. What do you think will be the consequences of this? Does it surprise you?
-global survey
-to embezzle
-to top a list


A study by the University of Pennsylvania has found striking differences in the way men and women's brains are wired. A series of cognitive tests revealed that male brains are wired front to back while female brains are criss-crossed left and right, thus making men better at performing single tasks while women's brains are better suited to multi-tasking. But, Professor Heidi Johansen-Berg was cautious and said that the brain is too complex to make such broad generalisations. Is this definitive proof of what many already consider a stereotype?
-striking differences
-front to back
-better suited
-broad generalisation


Iceland was in the news last week because their special police force shot and killed the first person in the force's history. What has stunned so many people is the incredibly low crime rate and the fact that this is the first person a police officer has ever shot in the country. US law student Andrew Clark investigated this further and came to the conclusion that the country's low crime rate was due to the lack of difference between social classes (thus eliminating class tension), the absence of hard drugs and the organised crime syndicates which distribute them, and stringent controls on gun-ownership (even though it is ranked 14th in world legal gun-ownership). Do you think this is true? What other reasons could there be for the lack or abundance of violent crime in a country?
-crime rate


European Academies' Science Advisory Council recently announced that the cost of damage caused by extreme weather as a consequence of climate change has risen by 60% amongst European nations. This figure takes into account the cost to insurers and to the states. Is this an attempt to scare people into taking action or does this figure make sense to you?
-climate change

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