Discussion points. NOV 25th-28th

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Club LTL Discussion Points 25th - 28th November


A concerning statistic was released last week by the government organization against gender-based violence. It stated that 60% of adolescent girls have received some kind of sexual abuse via phone calls, WhatsApp or social media. The organization suspects that this statistic is so high among adolescents because the average age of a teenager's first romantic relationship stands at 13 years of age. How much of a problem do you think this will be in the future and what can be done to combat it?
-concerning statistic
-gender-based violence
-stands at


A recent version of cholesterol guidelines published in the United States has been criticised for being “wildly inaccurate and misleading” and could lead to over-prescription of anti-cholesterol medication to groups that don't even need medicating. In many cases, high cholesterol is caused by poor lifestyle choices, but many people choose to take medication rather than changing bad habits. Do you think doctors should place more emphasis on healthy living rather than medicating?
-wildly inaccurate
-life style choices


Polish political commentator Slawomir Sierakowski raised the question of further European Union expansion in an article in the New York Times. A summit in Lithuania is going to be held between the EU and Ukraine on Thursday to discuss the ex-Soviet state's future relationship with the bloc. Do you think that the circumstances are right for European Union expansion? Do you think Ukraine is ready to join the EU?
-a summit


A UK-based company has applied for permission to test the first genetically modified insect in Spain. The company has altered the genes of the biggest pest in the olive-growing world: the Olive Fly. These 'GM' flies carry a gene that causes the female larvae to die, thus leaving an all male population and effectively reducing the numbers of the pest. Trials in Brazil using a similar technique with GM mosquitoes have caused the deadly mosquito population to fall by 96%. Given the destruction caused by the Olive Fly and the massive financial and health cost of using insecticides, would you say this is a good solution?

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