Discussion points. Nov 18th-20th

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Club LTL Discussion Points 18th -21st November


Last Monday, controversial pop star Miley Cyrus lit up a supposed cannabis cigarette on stage while performing her latest hit at the MTV European Music Awards in Amsterdam. While possession of small amounts of cannabis is not illegal in The Netherlands, some have criticised her for being a bad influence, while others have praised her 'free spirit'. What do you think about this? Should controversial acts like this be censored?
-possession of drugs
-to praise


In a recent Huffington Post article, journalist Cristina Belda Font argues that thanks to social networks such as Facebook and Tuenti, our society has now “eradicated loneliness”. She mentions that people who were susceptible to loneliness because of social pressures can now show a side of themselves of their choosing, and that one can accumulate more than 500 friends from around the world in no time at all. In your opinion, can social networks have such a positive effect on a person or society, or are there downsides to being connected to so many people?
-to eradicate


A week into the street cleaning strike, German newspaper 'Frankfurter Allegemeine' published a damning article about Madrid. It described Madrid as a city “in the blues,” due to a drop in tourism (even though Spain overall enjoyed a record year), missing out on the Olympics, and the shady nature of the Eurovegas project. It is not the first European newspaper to take a shot at Ana Botella for her handling of these issues. Given the multiple PR disasters that have happened this year, do you think Madrid will be able to recover?
-to miss out on
-to take a shot at someone


Regenerative medicine has taken a giant leap forward with scientists making the first 'cell cartridges,' which can 'print' small organs in 3D, paving the way for cheap and easy reconstructive surgery. On the other hand, it raises the question of whether this new technology should be used by cosmetic surgeons to enhance people's looks, or if it should be restricted to helping people who have had accidents or were born disfigured. Do you think it is morally right for people to use this new breakthrough to make themselves look better?
-giant leap forward

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