Discussion questions. Nov 11/14

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Club LTL Discussion Points 11th-14th November


The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) stated last week that if it were to vote whether to stay within the European Union, it would vote in favour but only if amendments to certain laws were made, such as an opt-out of the Working Time Directive restricting working hours. Do you think it is fair that certain countries can opt-out of certain rules which they disagree with?


Students in the History faculty at the Complutense Univeristy were victims of intimidation and threats by far-right 'activists' who burst into their faculty a week ago proclaiming they belonged to the “Golden Dawn” movement. Do you think there should be more security to prevent acts like this and do you think that it could mark the beginning of tension between extremist elements at university institutions?
-to burst into
-Golden Dawn
-mark the beginning


There was outcry by Spanish Erasmus students on Monday evening as the government announced that they were going to cut the Erasmus grant to hundreds of students already on their year abroad. Thankfully, the government decided to delay the reduction in grant money until next year after warnings from the European Union. In your opinion, is this undermining the university experience of Spanish students and do you think it will have long term effects on Spain?
-Erasmus grant
-year abroad


Retail stores are gearing up for Christmas and journalist Joanne Furniss asks the question whether children have too many toys in this day and age. Experts she questioned all agree that children do have more toys than previous generations but they disagree whether this is a good or a bad thing. Some say that lots of toys helps avoid children fighting over toys but others say this means children become spoilt and don't use their imagination enough. What opinion do you have on this and what kind of toys do you think are best for children?
-To gear up
-spoilt children

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