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Club LTL Discussion Points 4th -7th November


The average price for broadband high-speed internet in the United States is 90 Dollars, a figure which puts the USA near the bottom of the world rankings for value for money. Do you think that the internet is still a luxury or should its importance to society be reflected in the pricing of the service?
-download speeds
-product pricing


A senior police offical in England has called for councils to set up designated “safe rooms” where drug addicts can 'shoot up' in a clean, controlled and safe environment. These “safe rooms” have proved successful in countries like Denmark and Switzerland and have helped to reduce numbers of deaths and have cleaned up the surrounding areas. Is this an effective way to deal with drug addicts?
-shoot up
-safe environment


Venue owners in Madrid are complaining of the excessive policing that goes into acoustic pollution stating that it is killing the music scene in Madrid. Large fines are imposed to venues who go over these limits and many owners now say that its not worth the risk. Have you noticed a chance in music culture in Madrid recently or do you think there are other factors involved in the decrease in live music?
-to police
-worth the risk


A coffee shop in Vancouver (Canada), has become the first place in the world to have an ATM machine which converts the digital currency Bitcoin into real money. The online currency was created in 2008 and is the currency of choice for many online transactions and is considered safe because one has to have an account and a 'online wallet'. Can you see 'internet money' becoming a valid currency around the world in the future?
-ATM machine

Club LTL Discussion Points 4th -7th November


New York City council has recently raised the minimum buying age for cigarettes and e-cigarettes from 18 to 21 in an attempted to drive away younger people from taking up the habit. Will this legislation succeed in preventing younger generations from smoking or are there ways around this?
-to raise
-taking up the habit


Wikipedia has begun piloting a service in Africa where users can receive articles via their mobile phone in the form of a text-message. The service is designed to reach people who do not have internet access. Is this a good initiative and do you think it would catch on the developed world?
-to pilot a service
-to reach people


Afghanistan has been short-listed for the title of “worst country in the world” by a United Nations body. Despite the huge amounts of international aid that has poured into the country things are still quite desperate for many of the population. Do you think there is anything that can be done or is it another example of a failed state?


A recent Channel 4 documentary called “Porn on the Brain” investigates the effects of free and practically limitless pornography available to the youth today. The documentary reaches the conclusion that it is actually having a profound effect on young people's attitudes towards sex but calls for better education rather than a change in legislation. What do you think about this topic? Is there even such a thing as “porn addiction”?

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