Discussion Questions. Oct. 28th-30th

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Club LTL Discussion Points 28th -31st October


The front pages of Monday's El País and El Mundo revealed the worrying scale of US spying, as it has been accused of monitoring millions of Spanish phone calls, a week after politicians here denied that there was any spying going on in Spain. Does this do much to dent your confidence in the United States and what action do you think should be taken?
-front page
-to dent your confidence

Last week in the CSKA vs Manchester City football game, Yaya Touré was on the receiving end of racist chants by the local side Similar complaints have been made against teams from all over Europe, including Spanish teams. Is racism a significant problem in football today and how can it be dealt with?
-to be on the receiving end
-racist chants


Dr Chris van Tulleken published an article in his BBC column criticising the rampant consumption of vitamin supplements in modern society and how some people are taking them to compensate for poor diets. Do you think there should be more emphasis on healthy eating in today's society?
-rampant consumption
-healthy eating


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of last week saw cinemas slash their prices to a mere 2.90 euros, bringing about a 550% rise in cinema attendance. Do you think that this shows that the drop in cinema attendance was due ticket prices?
-to slash prices
-a mere
-to bring about

Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman has recently criticised Hollywood's interpretation of Feminism as 'misinterpreted' and 'a fantasy written by men'. She goes on to mention how strong women are portrayed as physically equal as men in these 'strong' roles but with flawed personalities.
Do you think this is true and can you think of any examples of women in these kinds of roles?
-to be portrayed as
-flawed personality


Microsoft billionaire, Bill Gates recently bought a 6% stake worth 113.5 million Euros in the Spanish company FCC, a move seen by many as a sign of economic recovery and renewed interest. Do you think that this deal will have a real effect on the state of the economy or is it all just speculation?
-a stake in a company

Last week, supermarket giant Tesco admitted that in the first 6 months of 2013, nearly 30,000 tonnes of food waste was generated, most of which was fruits and vegetables. Does this staggering amount of waste surprise you and what can be done to avoid this kind of wastage?
-staggering amount


On Thursday, scientists announced the discovery of another 11“earth-like” planets outside our solar system, bringing the tally to 1,010 confirmed 'exoplanets'. Given the rapid progression of technology and theoretical physics, do you think humans will ever reach any of these planets?

A study released in the United States has come to the conclusion that if 10% of cars on the road where automated and driver-less, up to 1,000 lives a year could be saved. Would you feel safe being on the road with automated vehicles?

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