Discussion question 21-24th

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Club LTL Discussion Points 21-24th October

1) One in every ten people in Iceland has published a book, making the country the place where most people publish and read books, crime novels being the most popular. In these times of rapid digitalisation, are people in other parts of the world are starting to turn away from the traditional book?
-one in ten
-to turn away from

2) A recent study has shown that only 21% of children have regular contact with nature and that this is taking its toll on children's health, making them more prone to illness and allergies. Do you think its up to the parents or the schools to connect children more to nature?
-taking its toll
-to be prone to

3) An last week's parliamentary debate in Spain, the spokeswoman for Izquierda Plural asked the vice president if she would be able to live of the 426 Euros given as unemployed benefits to people who lose their job. In your opinion, would it be fair to challenge people in political office to live off such a meagre amount of money?
-unemployed benefits
-a meagre amount

4) An article in the USA Today highlighted the lack of ethic diversity in the popular TV show Saturday Night Live and how that overall, minority ethnic groups are not evenly represented in US television. Do you think television channels should be pressured into being more diverse?
-to be pressured into something

5) Last week the Madrid council announced that taxi drivers will have to charge customers 30 euros to go to Barajas Airport no matter where they begin their journey from, a move criticised by consumer watchdogs and taxi driver associations alike. Do you agree with their criticism of this new move?
-no matter

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