Discussion Questions. Oct 7th-9th

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Club LTL Discussion points 7-11th October 2013

1) A campaign in the UK is underway to try and get people to learn at least 1000 words of a foreign language to break the stereotype of Britons being lazy linguists. Do you think this stereotype exists and do you think a similar policy would work in Spain?


2) Samsung has recently shown the world a prototype of a flexible smartphone which can go around the owners wrist like a bracelet. Given the recent advancements in “smart” technology, do you think people will become too dependant on their portable “smart” devices?

-to become dependant

3) Children in the slum's of Bangladesh's capital, Dhaka, have set up a “children's bank” where child workers can deposit the money they earn in a safe and regulated way. Do you think schemes like this should be developed in other regions of the world and do you think it would catch on in more modernised states?


4) A recent study has shown that in some cases, exercise is as good or better than medicines when treating heart disease. Given the rising rates of heart disease and obesity in our fast pace world, do you think importance on exercise is now greater than ever?

-fast pace
-greater than ever

5) Growers in the UK and New Zealand have recently announced that they have made a successful hybrid of a tomato plant and a potato plant called a “TomTato”. Given the current demand for food, but also a lack of space to produce it, do you think hybrid plants like this in the future will be a solution to food crises?

-to graft
-lack of

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