Dicussion Questions Sept 30th- October 4

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Club LTL Questions 30th September - 4th October 2013

1) David Hanson of the Independant Association of Prep Schools in the UK has said that traditional pen and paper exams will be a thing of the past and that online assessment will be the norm by 2023. Do you think this is true and does it represent a shift in education?
-pen and paper
-online assessment
-a shift

2) Last week saw Germany's current Chancellor, Angela Merkel, win another term in office. Many outsiders have critised the way she has imposed austerity amongst Germany's single-currency partners in Europe, but clearly Germans think otherwise. If you were German do you think you would have voted for Merkel as well?
-a term in office
-single currency

3) A recent statistic in the United States puts the number of mobile homes in the country at 8.5 million with an estimated 20 million people living in them. In post-housing bubble Spain, do you think this could become a cheap and quick solution to a future housing problem?
-mobile homes
-housing bubble

4) People in Greece have come up with a new scheme which puts the traditional sense of eating out on its head. There is now a website ( www.cookisto.com ) where people who have a tendency to cook too much food at home an now sell the extra portions for a small fee and where buyers can rate the food that they buy. Do you think that we waste too much food in this day and age, and do you think it will catch on?
-to put something on its head
-this day and age

5) In other news, Croatia has withdrawn from the Eurovision song contest citing financial issues and concerns about bribery in the previous edition. A growing list of nations such as Andorra, Slovakia, Luxembourg and Turkey has started to form citing similar reasons. Given the current economic situation in Spain and other European countries, do you think the Eurovision is a waste of money and has it lost importance in recent times?
-to withdraw

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