Discussion Questions. Sept 23rd-25th

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Discussion Points Club LTL 23rd-27th September

1) Al Moloney recently wrote an article where he argues that the rise of the “anti-hero” in television series is a trait that is here to stay. Can you think of any examples of anti-heroes in mainstream television and do you agree with Moloney?
-the rise of
-a trait

2) The academic year is about to start for many Erasmus students coming to Madrid on their year abroad and many Spanish students are doing the same in cities all over Europe. Do you think the Erasmus programme is an experiance which all students should have?
-year abroad

3) A British news paper recently highlighted that nearly one fifth of Britons have a tattoo. It mentions that 68% of people regret their tattoos and that the cost of removing them is very high. In your opinion, do you think people who get tattoos are unaware of the long term implications of such “body art”?
-to highlight
-to remove

4) Swiss voters have voted in favour of maintaining compulsory military service for all male citizens between the ages of 18 and 34. Does the idea of conscription in an well-off country like Switzerland surprise you?
-compulsory military service

5) A man from La Coruña handed over a winning lottery ticket worth 4.7 million Euros saying he wouldn't have been able to sleep at night if he had kept it. If you found a winning lottery ticket, what would you have done?
-to hand in
-to hand over

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