Discussion Questions. Sept 16th-18th

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1) On Sunday, US rapper Kanye West was charged with assault after an incident with a paparazzo in LAX airport. In your opinion, do you think the paparazzi invade the privacy of famous people too much?

-to assault

-to be charged with

2) Last week, Syrian leader Bashir Al-Assad went on Russian television to state that the reason he was placing his chemical weapons under control was because Russian president Vladimir Putin had asked him to. Do you think this could be a sign that the United States is starting to lose influence on the world arena?

-to go on television

3) Over the weekend, Japan closed its last nuclear reactor due to public concerns after the Fukushima incident. Do you think that this is an overreaction given the current thirst for electricity in modern society?

-an overreaction

-to thirst for

4) In the United States, Microsoft is offering up to 200 US Dollars for used iPads in a marketing scheme designed to get people using their products. Is this kind of aggressive marketing fair and do you think it will work?


5) Catalan nationalists formed a human chain this weekend calling for the region's independance and politicians are organising a referendum on the issue. What do you think that outcome will be?

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