Discussion Questions Sept 9th-11th

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CLUB LTL.. English Conversation Classes.
Weekly Questions Club LTL Sept 9th-11th

1) Last week Scoot Airlines (a budget subsidiary of Singapore Airlines) has unveiled tickets for “child-free” areas on their planes for a small fee, the second airline to do so. Do you think this is a fair practise and will this idea catch on?
-catch on

2) Over the weekend NASA launched a 280 million dollar mission to the Moon to explore its “exosphere” (a very thin atmosphere) and the strange behaviour of moon dust. Do you think its justifiable spending so much money on a mission given the current economic circumstances?
-launch a mission

3) On Saturday, the International Olympic Committee voted to give the 2020 games to Tokyo over Madrid and Istanbul. What is your opinion on this decision and what did you think of the image the Madrid representatives gave?
-to hand to

4) Last week, the Greek government passed a motion allowing supermarkets to sell products that are passed their sell-by date. Given the precarious economic situation many people are in in Greece, do you think this is a fair measure?
-to pass a motion
-sell-by date

5) US Secretary of State, John Kerry, said in a statement this weekend that Syria had “crossed a global red line” over the alleged use of chemical weapons. In your opinion, will the USA and its allies intervene in Syria?
-cross a line
-alleged use

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