Discussion Questions- July 8th-9th. PART II

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1. In a small but growing trend in the United States, some companies have stopped tracking their employees´ vacation days. In your opinion, is this a sustainable model or should employers work to set clearer boundaries?
-A sustainable model
-To set boundaries
-To milk the system

2. In the United States, American football player Aaron Hernández was recently accused of murder. Violent behavior from professional athletes seems to be on the rise. Do you think that teams must be more concerned about their athletes´ conduct off the field, or is this problem blown out of proportion?
-Egregious behavior
-To be on the rise

3. In a recent New York Times debate series about abortion, contributors discuss the effect that discussing this hot button issue might have. In your opinion, would a more open dialogue about abortions positively or negatively effect public perception about abortions?
-A hot button issue
-Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice
-Partisan debate

4. Last Sunday, Andy Murray trounced Novak Djokovic in straight sets to become the first British man to win Wimbledon since 1936. Does this milestone mark Britain´s best sporting moment ever?
-To trounce
-To eclipse

5. Last week, almost 12,000 would-be teachers completed a pot luck style exam to compete for 350 teaching jobs in Madrid´s public schools. The exam featured trivia style questions focused heavily on general culture. Do you believe that teachers should be required to possess this type of knowledge, or is experience more important?
-Pot luck
-To hire arbitrarily
-To be well-rounded

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