Discussion Questions. July 8th-9th

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1. A recent air crash in the United States has again brought up the argument over airline safety. Apparently this time it was pilor error. Do you think that flying is a safe way to travel and that the risks are over played?
-to bring up an argument
-pilor error

2. A radical Islamist cleric called Abu Qatada was deported from the UK this weekend for preaching hate and supporting terrorism. It took an 8-year-long battle in the courts to get him returned to his native Jordan. Do you think that someone who is preaching hate and supporting terrorism should be deported regardless of what will happen to him?
-preaching hate

3. Last week, members of parliament voted unanimously to hold a referendum on whether the UK should remain part of the European Union. What result do you think will come of this and do you think Spain should hold a similar vote?
-to vote unanimously
-whether / weather

4. Restauranteurs Henry Dimbleby and John Vincent are to release a study this week claiming that packed lunches should be banned from school because they are making children fat, mainly because of what parents put into them. With dwindling budgets in the education sector as well as at home, do you think its fair that children should be forced to eat at school?
-packed lunches

5. A Dutch restaurant has recently opened where diners are served high-class food, but are only allowed to dine alone. This is an attempt to break the stigma of dining alone. Do you think that such stigma exists? Do you often eat alone?
-to dine
-to break a stigma

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