Discussion Questions. From June. 24th-27th

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CLUB LTL.. English Conversation Classes.
Weekly Questions Club LTL June 24th-27th

1. In the UK, a report by the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards has urged the government to pass legislation making it legal to “bang up” bankers for reckless and irresponsible banking. Do you think this is fair?
-to bang up behind bars -reckless

2. A New York restaurant has recently banned customers from giving tips to its employees to “spare customers the bother”. Have you ever had any bad experiences when it comes to tip-giving and do you even agree with the practice?
-spare customers the bother -to tip

3. Some have argued that the recent protests in Brazil have gone a long way to undermining the image of the country ahead of the World Cup and Olympics while others are saying its only fair that the inequalities and inefficiencies be highlighted and dealt with before these events. Would you still consider going to Brazil for either of these events or has your perception of Brazil changed?
-Undermining the image of -ahead of the World Cup

4. With increasing numbers of cyclists on the roads, the government has recently changed the rules for cyclists forcing them to wear helmets. Some people have complained because more rules are being imposed on cyclists but little to improve cycling infrastructure. Do you think more could be done in cities like Madrid to cater for cyclists needs?
-helmets -imposing rules -to cater for

5. A study by the University of London, has concluded that watching TV can actually help boost a child's brain power in their first years of life. Do these results shock you or do you think TV really can have a positive effect on a child's development?
-boost -brain power

CLUB LTL.. English Conversation Classes.
Weekly Questions Club LTL June 24th-27th

6. This week the renowned actor from The Sopranos, Joe Gandolfini, died at the age of 51. Many have mourned the loss of this actor and some have said that The Sopranos was one of the best TV shows in history. Do you agree with this assessment?
-reknowned -to mourn

7. Whistle-blower Edward Snowdon left Hong-Kong and headed to a “third-party” country to escape the clutches of the American courts that want to try him for treason. In your opinion, do you think it is fair that he faces such charges and what will be his ultimate fate?
-Whistle-blower -escape the clutches -to try someone

8. Last week, Spain beat Tahiti in the confederations cup 10-0, a result that was widely expected and humiliating for the losing side. Do you think its fair that countries with the same level of football dominance as Spain play small sides such as Tahiti when a crushing defeat is expected?
-Losing side -Crushing defeat

9. Due to strict anti-smoking laws enforced in much of the Western world, many smokers are now turning to “e-cigarettes” as a means to get around smoking bans. The UK government however has caved into pressure from health groups who are calling for more regulation of these devices. Do you think that it is fair on smokers or are they just abusing loopholes in the law?
-to get around -to cave into pressure -loopholes

10. A German television report broadcast on Sunday slammed the “decadence” that the country's most popular tourist destination, Mallorca, has become. The beaches and clubs are now full of drugs, prostitutes and pick pockets and the report goes on to name the economic crisis as one of the main reasons for this “decadence”. Do you think this is a fair analysis?

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