Discussion Questions. June 10th-13th

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CLUB LTL.. English Conversation Classes.
Weekly Questions Club LTL June 10th-13th

1. Last week in the United States, New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg passed away at the age of 89.  His death has stirred up a debate about whether or not there should be an age limit for politicians.  What do you think?
-To pass away -¨The older, the wiser¨ -Guidepost

2.A new study shows that, in almost half of American households, mothers are the sole or primary breadwinners.  This statistic shows both a victory for working women and evolving family economics.  In these new types of families, does the father have a unique role?  Mothers are often thought of as the more nurturing parent, but what do fathers bring to the table?
-Breadwinner -To nurture -To bring to the table -Evolving family economics

3. The Jane Austen Academy, a free English school set to open its doors in September, has announced it will abandon homework in favor of a longer school day.  What is your opinion of this educational model?  Should other schools follow suit?
-To kick something/someone to the curb -To fly in the face of convention -To follow suit -To be ¨on board¨ with an idea

4. Last week at a national academic awards ceremony, dozens of award winners declined to shake Education Minister José Ignacio Wert´s hand.  This snub was in protest to planned reforms in education, including spending cuts and putting religious studies on the same level as other subjects.  What is your opinion of Wert´s reforms and do you agree with the students´ actions?
-To give someone the cold shoulder -To snub someone -To leave somebody hanging

5.Francisco Babín, the government delegate for the National Drugs Plan has introduced a new proposal in which parents of under-age drinkers will be fined as punishment for their children´s intoxication.  Babín says the proposal is meant to target a lack of care and attention on the part of the parents.  What do you think of Babin´s idea?
-Alcohol poisoning -Zero tolerance policy -¨The proposal is still in the embryonic stage¨

6. In the UK the rules of the road have been revised and fines can now be issued for bad driving habits such as tail-gating, not indicating and using the incorrect lane on a roundabout and undertaking. Do you think this is a step too far or is it a good way to combat bad driving habits?
-tail-gating -roundabout      -undertake/overtake

7. A recent study done by the not-for-profit group Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) has shown that the illegal drug MDMA (also known by its street name ecstasy) is extremely useful in the treatment of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) in soldiers and traumatized patients. Do you think it is worth researching the positive side effects of illegal drugs such as MDMA or should the time and money go into investigating new legal drugs and treatments?
-PTSD -not-for-profit group -street name

8. An article published in the German newspaper Der Spiegel and that has been circulating on Facebook highlighted the fact that many of the highest paid public posts in the Madrid local government are held by relatives of senior politicians and that even the building that the regional government is based in is owned by Esperanza Aguirre's husband. Do you think the newspaper is right to highlight things like this in such a way or is it just an attempt to slander and tarnish Spanish politicians?
-to highlight -slander -tarnish

9. Last Tuesday, The Guardian newspaper published a leak that stated that the US government was secretly collecting metadata from the users of the Verizon networks and had issued a court order banning the company from mentioning this in public. Does this shock you in any way and do you think similar actions occur or could occur in Spain?
-Collecting metadata -court order -to be shocked

10. In other news, Russian president Vladimir Putin announced his divorce from his wife citing that “we barely see each other” as a reason to discontinue the marriage. Do you think politics takes a serious toll on a person's personal relationship that we rarely see in public?
-to cite -to barely see something -takes its toll

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