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1. Last week, a court in Rasquera, which is in the province of Tarragona, shot down a plan to grow marijuana and sell it for therapeutic purposes in order to shore up the town´s shaky financial situation. Do you agree with the court´s ruling in this case?
-To shoot down a proposal
-To shore up

2. Between June 1st and November 24th, Venice plays host to a contemporary art exhibition. This exhibition showcases the work of artists from many different countries, including Spain. Spain´s contribution to this year´s exhibition is a four-meter, 400,000-euro mountain of bricks by artist Lara Almarcegui. The cost of this pile of rubble is stirring up controversy. In your opinion, should the art be the focus of the exhibition, or is the cost simply too high to ignore?
-To stir up controversy
-To showcase
-To play host to something

3. Switzerland has decided to put a 12-month cap on EU immigrants stating that it the amount of immigration has become unacceptable and unsustainable. Do you think this will hurt the Swiss economy and does it give the country a bad image?

4. In an effort to help out their Spanish fans, members of the rock band Bon Jovi have decided to waive their performance fee for their upcoming gig at the Vicente Calderón Stadium. This means that ticket prices are much lower than normal. Should other bands visiting Spain follow suit?
-To waive a fee
-A gig
-To follow suit

5. In a surprise move, the Andorran government has commited itself to passing a bill that will make its residents pay income tax. Many people see this as a response to increased EU pressure on tax avoidance which costs the EU up to 1 trillion euros a year. Do you think this will help with the tax avoidance issue or will people take their money out of Andorra and put it into a different tax haven?
- passing a bill
- tax avoidance
- tax haven

6. A recent New York Times editorial examined what it called America´s ¨obsession with cleanliness.¨ In your opinion, how important is cleanliness? Is it true that something can never be too clean, or are some people going overboard and cleaning too much?
-¨Cleanliness is next to godliness¨
-To go overboard

7. Nearly every country in the world has established a minimum wage a worker must recieve if working legally for a business or a person, however there was talk of suspending the minimum wage in Spain to help boost jobs. Do you think this is a good idea or will it be abused by companies looking for cheap labour?
-minimum wage
-boost jobs

8. Last week in the Spanish football league La Liga, three teams were relagated to the second division. In the coming weeks, three teams from the second division will have the opportunity to move up and play in the first division next year. In your opinion, is this system in the best interest of the league? What changes could be made to make the system fairer and/or more interesting?
-Move up vs. go down
-To be mobbed by teammates after a victory
-A crippling defeat

9. In these harsh times, even doctors are starting to feel the pinch of the crisis and statistics show that unemployment levels and emigration levels among trained doctors in Spain is the highest ever recorded. Most doctors are now facing either a 200,000 Euro bill to do another specialisation or emigrate and start over in a new country. Are you surpised by this and do you think more should be done to keep medical staff from leaving the country?
- feel the pinch
- harsh times

10. On Sunday, celebrations took place in the UK to commemorate 60 years since Queen Elizabeth's coronation. Do you think it would be possible for a Spanish monarch to be in power for so long and what do you think the future of the monarchies around the world will be?
- coronation vows
- sacred duty

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